Scott Donaldson, originally from Tallahassee, Florida; is one of five kids and was introduced to music at an early age. His mother played piano and sang in the church choir, and of course it was a Baptist church. His three older sisters played piano and enjoyed singing with each other at home and in church. It seems everybody in music gets their start in church. 

Scott remembers, "Mom taught my sisters to sing and harmonize with each other. There was always a guitar lying around on the couch somewhere.  My sister Julie taught me 3 chords and I took it from there." 

Craig Boland, from Little Mountain is a veteran of the band scene. Craig started playing (and marching) bass with the Mid-Carolina Rebel Regiment while in high school. From there Craig progressed to the electric lead guitar and the  bands followed such as "Hard Times" and "Big Daddy". Craig has played with many of the leading musicians in the midlands.

Craig has worked his magic with that Fender Strat  from the mountains to the sea and all points in between. He is influenced by both country and rock so you will hear a little Merle, Stevie Ray and Gary Rossington is his leads.

Parents be aware, high school band might just lead to this!   

Doug Satterfield, originally from Greer, SC picked up the bass in high school because there was  no one knew how to play or owned a bass.  Doug's Dad knew a singer in a country band that had a guitar and Fender amp and he agreed to load his rig for "the band". 

Doug's band played mainly in the upstate area with gigs in Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville. The guitar took a rest for about 18 years and it took a church and a praise band for him to dust it off and start playing again. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.


Tom Graham, is the most accomplished musician with the band. He has recorded with the bands "Sensational Epics" and "Second Nature" on such songs such as "I've Been Hurt" and "Be Young, Be Foolish", and "All my Hard Times".   

Tommy doesn't miss a beat while playing. One gig he was watching Carolina play Florida on TV while playing  keeping perfect rhythm. Amazing!